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Located in Northern Kentucky Please give us a call today!  (859) 586-4900
Featuring The Butler System - State of the Art Equipment.

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Shirden's Professional Water Extraction & Water Damage Restoration Service
Family Owned & Operated
An example of some of the professional equipment we use to restore your carpet.


Powerful Hydro-X Extraction System Powerful Dehumidifier Performance Turbodryer Airmover Performance
Powerful Hydro-X Extraction System


Powerful Dehumidifier Performance


Turbodryer Airmovers Performance


We have the certification,  knowledge and equipment to meet your water restoration needs. We will also be happy to work directly with your insurance company.

Shirden's - Northern Kentucky (859) 586-4900. Call us today for emergency water extractions and water damage restoration service.

What To Do When Water Damage Occurs

In most cases, only a professional can repair water damaged flooring and furnishings. Do not attempt to treat these items yourself. That may only contribute to the problem and cause further damage. The following actions are suggested to minimize damage while waiting for help to arrive.


Foremost, stop the water leak and attend to obvious safety hazards, like electrical shock and personal injury from slips and falls.


Increase airflow with open windows, fans, and heating and air conditioning systems.


Open doors, drawers, cupboards and closets to maintain optimal air circulation and promote drying. Move furnishings out of wet areas or protect furniture legs from absorption and damage with triple-folded aluminum foil.


Hang up draperies and pin up upholstery skirts to prevent water rings. Allow leather items to dry at room temperature.


Wash wet clothes, sheets and linens immediately and hang cleanable fabrics up to dry.


Do not store damp items in plastic bags where mold can grow.


Contact Shirden's Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Restoration Services. Protect and preserve your home and furnishings from the destructive effect of water. Trained technicians, using professional inspecting and drying equipment can identify hidden water pockets and dry both your structure and furnishings to acceptable industry standards.
Located in Northern Kentucky Please give us a call today!  (859) 586-4900

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